Fun Facts

Did you know...

Strawberries are the only fruit which grows seeds on the outside. A cucumber is a fruit not a vegetable. Why? Because it has seeds in the centre. There are over 1,000 different kinds of apples.
Asparagus comes in three different colours. Green, White & Purple. Bananas should never be refridgerated as the skin will blacken. When the Durian fruit reaches maturity it gives off a characteristic odour.
Eating alot of onions will make you sleepy, as it acts as a sedative. Eating a generous amount of garlic will keep the flu away. Leaving skin on potatoes is healthier as all vitamins are in the skin.

Health Facts

"Fruit is an ideal snack for between meals. You'll feel fuller, take in fewer kilojoules and a lot more vitamins and antioxidants from fruit compared with many other common snacks."
Source: Dietician Sharon Natali; Healthy Food Guide, Pg 90 (Dec 2005).
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